For Paediatricians and GPs

Dr Janine Manjiviona

Janine Manjiviona is well known and respected by paediatricians and GPs for the high standard of care and service she provides to her clients. Doctors who are not familiar with Janine can refer to the details of her educational qualifications and work history.

She regularly consults with paediatricians from the Royal Children’s Hospital and the wider community about patients with ASD or suspected of having ASD.

Dr Katherine Crea

Katherine Crea, Janine’s Key Associate, has more than seven years of university-based training, in addition to work experience in mental health care facilities, an autism-specific early intervention centre, and has conducted research with children and families affected by ASD. Find out more about Katherine Crea »

Feedback and Review

We are aware of the Medicare requirements for feedback and review by the GP. The practice policy is to work cooperatively with other health practitioners in the service of patient care wherever possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual patient’s needs.

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