Who is Janine Manjiviona?

Janine is a clinical psychologist specialising in Autism Spectrum Disorder. She works therapeutically with individuals (children and adults) and families, offering a range of services, including diagnostic assessments for all ages and treatment for related issues such as anxiety and depression.

Janine helps parents to cope and adjust to having a child with ASD and to deal with the ongoing challenges in managing their child’s behaviour; her focus is on helping the whole family to adjust to the situation and function more effectively.

Educational and work history

Janine completed her PhD in Aspergers syndrome under Professor Margot Prior, an international Autism expert, with whom Janine has supervised clinical and research students. Janine’s research has been presented at international conferences and published internationally, and she has been invited to publish a chapter in an international textbook on Aspergers syndrome. She runs workshops for professionals in the area of ASD and has been one of the key lecturers at the Western Autistic Teaching Institute, where teachers complete a Graduate Diploma in teaching children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Janine has held honorary appointments at Melbourne and RMIT Universities and is a guest lecturer in the area of ASD.

In a very different role, she was Associate Producer of one of the first videos ever produced in Australia (or, indeed, the world) on Aspergers syndrome. In addition to being in private practice, Janine has worked for over eighteen years for the Royal Children’s Hospital and was formerly the Coordinator of the Autism Team. She has a long professional and personal association with Professor Tony Attwood, the internationally renowned expert in Aspergers syndrome and ASD, and has advanced her clinical training in ASD through mentoring by Tony and regular attendance at his clinic in Queensland.

Janine now works full time in private practice.

Professional memberships

Australian Psychological Society (APS), Full Member

Member, APS Clinical College

Registered Psychologist, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency

Current research interests

Janine is involved in several ASD-related research projects through her association with researchers at Deakin University.

Areas of interest include:

  • differences in how male and female children with ASD present
  • differences in the cognitive and social profiles of boys and girls with ASD
  • personal grooming and dress in adolescents with ASD, and
  • the female profile of ASD.

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Conference proceedings:

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